Preparing for A Hurricane
Alex Morton 07/05/2023
2 Minutes

Given the potential for severe destruction, particularly in Southeast Texas, hurricanes demand our utmost attention. Luckily, there are measures you can take to safeguard yourself, your loved ones, and your belongings. The first and most important one is to not wait until the last minute to prepare!

Have a Plan Set in Stone

To ensure your family's safety during an emergency, it's important to create a comprehensive plan. Your plan should include emergency contact numbers, a designated shelter location, a clear evacuation route, and a reliable communication plan. Working together with your loved ones to establish these guidelines can help minimize potential risks and increase overall preparedness.

As part of your hurricane preparedness plan, ensure you have an emergency supply kit stocked with ample water, food, medications, flashlights, batteries, and other vital necessities to last you for at least three days. Fill your vehicle with gas before the storm hits and withdraw enough cash to make purchases for at least 7 days. Hurricanes may close stores and disable ATMs for days or weeks based on the severity of the damage. Before you leave, make sure to secure or store any loose items outside that could potentially become dangerous flying debris during a hurricane.

hurricane preparedness

Secure Your Important Documents and Coverages

As a helpful suggestion, It's highly recommended that you collect all your financial documents, including insurance policies, bank account information, and other vital documents, and store them securely in a weatherproof safe. Alternatively, you could also upload digital copies of these documents to cloud-based storage for added safety. Also, don't forget to review your insurance coverage and ensure that your home and belongings are adequately protected while going through those documents. If you or your home isn't insured, it would be smart to consider getting coverage.

Don't Wait, Create an Emergency Fund!

It's important to be financially prepared for a potential hurricane by setting up an emergency fund and stashing some cash in a secure location at home. Calculate the costs of insurance deductibles and necessary supplies such as food, shelter, clothing, and fuel for your vehicle, while also keeping your income and fixed expenses in mind to estimate how much you may need to spend in case of a storm. By putting money aside, you'll be better equipped to handle unexpected expenses and ensure your family's safety. Hurricanes are generally very spontaneous occurrences that give you little time to prepare for them at the last minute. The luxury of an emergency fund is that it prevents you from relying on your checking, or worse savings, accounts to make it through the tough time. One way to combat that if you don't have an emergency fund is to have a backup account for emergencies like a credit card. If you feel that a credit card may be the perfect backup plan for you during a hurricane, consider applying for one here today!

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