Mobile Banking
Davey Langham 08/23/2021
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Mobile banking provides a convenient, safe way to access your funds when you're unable to visit a branch.

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile banking is using an app or website to access your accounts and perform transactions. It's a free service provided by your financial institution and is available around the clock.

These solutions are shockingly robust. While the face-to-face experience at your credit union is likely unmatched, mobile banking can provide many of the same or similar services. Services include viewing your account balances, making transfers, paying on loans, depositing checks, and more.

Remote Deposit Capture

One service available through mobile banking is the ability to deposit checks remotely; this is called a Remote Deposit Capture, or RDC. Though cash deposits have to be made at the branch, you can often deposit checks into your account with your mobile device. Remote deposit is convenient and easy, but follow the instructions in the app carefully and hang onto the check until the deposit is confirmed just in case there’s a problem with the check.

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Safety and Security

Financial institutions work tirelessly to keep their internet banking options as safe and secure as possible. Many apps and websites will use two-factor authentication and others will use fingerprint or face scans to ensure that only you can access your accounts.

Another key aspect of cybersecurity in mobile banking comes from encrypting data. This means that a secure system makes it extremely difficult for a hacker to access the data transmitted through WIFI or radio waves as well as any stored data.

Of course, you should also take steps to keep your account secure by using a unique password and only accessing mobile banking on secure networks. If you have any questions, talk to your credit union for their recommendations on how to best protect yourself when using mobile banking options.

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Mobile banking is a powerful tool that makes managing your finances easier and more convenient. If you don’t know what your financial institution offers, give them a call or check out their website.

You can contact MCT at 409-727-1446 to learn more about what our digital banking options provide to you, as our member. 

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